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Info about Greece

Greece of wild mountains, rich valleys or the 2000 and more islands in the crystal clear blue waters of the Aegean, Ionian and Cretan seas, now available to you through AccessibleTravel.gr

Greece of Citadel, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Ancient Corinthos, Nemea, Delphi.

Greece of Caverns from Mani, Arachova, Meteora and numerous others, its multifaced character shows visitors the beauties and the history of the place now accessible to all.

In this country each place and island has its own separate history, its own religious and historical monuments, its own natural beauties with one thing in common, the exceptional hospitality and politeness, the cheerfulness that characterizes all Greeks who want to show you their country and share with you every moment so that it can become your own unforgettable moment in Greece.

Tourist Paths

With a variety of tours from North to South, East to West, we give you the opportunity to travel individually or in our luxurious coaches in the world of history and knowledge where the light of culture and ancient art have remained unspoiled in the passage of millenniums. In a tour of Peloponnese, southern peninsula of Greece that took its name from Pelopas, son of Tantalos, famous founder of the Olympic Games, you will meet some of the most popular names in History. Ancient Corinth, Epidaurus, Nafplion, Mycenae and Ancient Olympia are only some of the places that are now accessible to the handicapped tourists and will travel you back in History. In a tour to the Mainland moving to the north, you will be fascinated by the site of Delphi "center of the world"according to the Ancient Greeks, and the unique rock formation of Meteora with the Monasteries on the top, Vergina with the most famous discovery of the Tombs of Philippos, father of the Alexander the Great, only a few legendary marvels. 

The Region of Macedonia, with the second biggest city in the country, capital of the North Thessaloniki will reveal a wealth of Historical Monuments from the times of Alexander the Great to the Roman and Byzantine empires in a modern, lively city that can accommodate everyone's needs.

The most popular and worldwide known touristic attraction of Greece though, is the crowd of our islands, ideal for Summer vacations. From the Ionian islands, to Crete and from Thassos to the Cycladic islands, to Rhodes in the Aegean, the interest of the visitor will remain undiminished. Each island, small or big has something unique to give beyond the clear blue color. Each one of them is distinguished for its natural beauties, its impressive monuments and the beautiful villages. Transportation between the islands and the mainland is very dense especially during the summer months and their infrastructure is excellent. AccessibleTravel.gcan and will undertake every detail of your trip planning  in Greece, as a group or as an individual.

If you wish to participate on an accessible trip to History and culture, please Contact us: info@accessibletravel.gr