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Accessible Travel in Greece

Some years ago one could say that Greece was not designed for "people on wheelchairs”… Not anymore !!! Now with the interest in helping the handicapped, by people in the travel industry and the government, especially after the Special Olympics Event in 2004, anyone in a wheelchair will be able to visit Greece with confidence.  Our mission is to promote respect, awareness and accessibility for travelers with disabilities. We educate the  Greek travel - tourism and hospitality industries on how to become more accessible for individual and group travelers with disabilities. We work vigorously at creating a barrier-free environment throughout all segments of the travel and tourism industry in Greece for Accessible Travel & Hospitality.

We provide information & tips about accessibility & travel around Greece.


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Visiting the Gods ... a traveller describes his experiences

The allure of Greek history and ancient ruins have always put Greece near the top of my list of "must-visit" destinations, but it has only recently become a real possibility for me and many other wheelchair travellers. While the Hellenic Republic has had a long-standing reputation for being inaccessible to travellers with disabilities, the 2004 Olympic & Paralympic Games in Athens ...

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Info about Greece

Our wish is everyone to be able to visit Greece, to learn our history, to know the traditions and customs, to taste our flavours, because we wish to be your friends that will be in frequent contact with you.

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