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omega constellation replica, a small Austrian manufacturer, has introduced a new model called Felix. It is the first model in the new series A11, and it also premieres the first movement entirely developed in The escapement of the caliber is made by hand in the company's workshops. Other components are made in the Alpine country from local materials. A watch that only has the basic timekeeping function is available in a simple steel case. This can be optionally enhanced with a gold bullion coin. The novelty's basic version is available for $6,500.

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The New Collection A11Felix is Launched by the New Caliber A11B. This model, the first in the omega constellation replica A11 series, marks an important milestone for Austria's watchmaker. It marks the brand's tenth year of existence, but it also premieres the new A11B movement. This Austrian movement is the first to be developed in Austria. Maria and Richard Habring, the Habring spouses are behind the development of this movement. The new series' name is composed of the letters A and 11 that stand for Austria.Replica Rolex Datejust This refers to the year 2011, when work began on the new caliber. The movement's name is simply added to the title by adding the letter B. omega constellation replica representatives explained that this B stands as "base".

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Soon, more complications Even after the watches are sold, they could be upgraded by adding a new module. However, the new A11B won't be made in this manner. The manufacturer did however reveal that it will be presenting versions with more complications in 2015. The manufacturer revealed that it will launch new calibers next year with its most recognizable complications: A11D (with an indication of the date), A11S(hacking seconds) or A11DS (both the first two).